• IQRA GYAN Educational & Welfare Foundation

  • IG is a bridge between donors and students. IG does not take any donations / charges


Why IG?
Who is IG and What IG does?
How IG's paperless online system works
Who are the donation seekers through IG?
Who are the potential donors in IG?
What can be donated through IG?
How to donate through IG?

Definitions and Justifications

Why IG?
The research and study shows that there are gaps in the educational charity eco-system and they are outlined below in the nutshell, along with its repercussions and solution.

Gaps :

Potential Donor's Dilemma
Suspicions about donation seeker’s eligibility, fear of leakage, complex procedures/ validations and verifications
Donation-seekers' Challenges
Lack of awareness, limited access to donors, reluctance / lack of bandwidth to comply with complex & rigorous procedures

Repercussions :
Delays / Distortion in implementing RTE, increase in Illiteracy / Dropouts, social disharmony, unemployment and socio-eco-political crises

Solution :
A web-based online charity system which eliminates all the above gaps, connect potential donors and donation-seekers, provide ease & trust, assurances, ample options and opportunities. IG eliminates all the gaps and provides a suitable solution.

Who is IG and What IG does?
IG is a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political organization primarily focusing on ‘RTE’ - Right to Education. IG is a group of educated youth, experienced professionals, businessmen and social workers who envisaged the possibilities of utilizing vast social network and latest technology to connect donors and donation seekers.

IG advocates and assists underprivileged students in availing educational aids, grants and scholarships provided by Governments, NGOs, Corporate, Philanthropists and individuals from different walks of life

IG does not involve itself in any kind of financial transactions between the donors and students. The administration & operating expenses in IG are borne by the Chairman’s family trust.

IG operates from a unique paperless online system which has necessary controls, transparencies, monitoring and verification mechanism.

How IG's paperless online system works ?
As part of the strategy & planning IG frequently carries out ad / promo, calls events and visits schools. This creates awareness and provides necessary assistance to students / schools. The ad / promos are part of IG administrative expenses borne by the IG Chairman’s family trust. The events are normally sponsored by the small/large corporate houses, and the school visits are carried out by the IG volunteers team formed in IG by offering free computer training programs and also by making every registered donation seekers as IG volunteers.

Both the donors and the seekers are required to register themselves on IG web system

Donation seekers / Students / Teachers apply online on IG web portal and provide required information which is verified by the School Principal, Teachers and also by 2 referrals. The referrals could be Doctor / Lawyer / Professionals / SEO / CHS office bearers.

The verification in IG mean email address and mobile numbers and considered as signatures.

IG System applies necessary monitoring and control parameters, obtained required email acknowledgements and verification and presents it to the registered donors. The donors review / scrutinize and select a suitable/eligible students / schools and process online payment which directly goes to students / schools bank account. The donor can also send / pay for other educational aids such books, uniforms etc. as defined ahead.

The eligibility of an applicant and the validity of the applications are ascertained by the system at three levels i.e. 1) Teachers 2) Principal and 3) 2 Referrals. The system sends emails and SMS to all four entities and ensures that the acknowledgement and confirmation is obtained through emails. All four acknowledgements / verification will label the donation seeker's profile as "Strong Verification", three verification (from Principal + Teacher + one referral) will label as "Good Verification" and two (Teacher or Principal + referral) will label as "Weak verification" and only one verification or no verification will null and void the application form and inform applicant to check mistakes and make necessary corrections enabling system to start the verification process afresh.

Who are the Donation seekers through IG?
Underprivileged students who are striving hard to achieve educational and academic goals under financial constraints.

[A student who has a GR No and who will be an ultimate beneficiary, and will directly or indirectly through school, receive donations from donors registered with IG].

Schools / Teachers who are registered & have applied for the donations in IG [Eligibility verified by the school principals, teachers and any two referrals such as Doctors / Lawyers / professionals / SEO / CHS office bearers].

A registered donation seeker in IG is an IG Volunteer who participates in social, educational & welfare causes, helps fellow underprivileged students and thereby becomes an IG donor too. This invokes a sense of dignity and responsibilities in the students as donation seekers. Hence, IG offers a dignified way of charity.

Who are the Potential Donors in IG?
Individuals, Governments, Philanthropists, Corporate houses, Trusts, Foundations, Associations and NGOs who intend to participate in educational welfare & charity and expect every rupee of their donation to go directly into the bank A/c of the student/ school.

Suppliers of school books / stationery / computers.

Builders/ Contractors/ building material or furniture suppliers or service providers who can donate goods & services to schools and eventually to students.

[Individuals/ Groups can register with IG on line, by entering the following basic information : Full Name, Email id, Cell No, Tel No, PAN No & Address (optional)]

What can be donated through IG?
Cash, School fees, Tuition fees, Books, Uniforms, Stationery etc. to individual students or to schools for groups of students

Teacher's training fees to produce sufficient qualified teachers

Supply of goods & services, furniture, electronics, building materials, R&M, civil & refurbishing works etc. or by transferring equivalent amount of money validated / verified in applications submitted by the donation seekers

Sponsorship for events / programs organized by IG

Expertise, time & resources and recommending IG to friends

Gifts or a good gesture or even a note of encouragement to the Students on their educational achievement

How to donate through IG?

Donation through IG requires ONLY 3 simple steps:
  1. Register as a donor & update profile (Name, PAN, Email Id and Mobile No only)
  2. Browse students / schools’ profile verified by the Referrals & Select student(s)
  3. Process Payment: (select any 1 option)
    • Online Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card
    • Select / call courier to collect & deliver cheque/goods to student/school
    • Call School to collect cash / cheque / goods