• IQRA GYAN Educational & Welfare Foundation

  • IG is a bridge between donors and students. IG does not take any donations / charges

About Iqra Gyan Education & Welfare Foundation.

Iqra Gyan Education & Welfare Foundation is a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political organization, primarily focus on ‘Right to education’. IG advocates and assists poor students in availing educational aids, grants and scholarships provided by governments and non-governmental institutions.

IG is a group of educated youths, experienced professionals, businessmen and social workers who envisage the possibilities of utilizing vast social network coupled with the modern communication system to support poor and needy students and career enthusiast. Simply IG is a bridge between the resources and beneficiaries.

IG does not involve in any kind of financial transactions between the donors and receivers. The organizational operating expenses are borne by the members and patronages. IG ensures that the transparency, monitoring and control systems are implemented through modern computer / internet system.

It is an ongoing process in IG to study / survey / search students who seek and deserve scholarships. Thus, IG is planning to gradually develop and provide real-time-online analysis to the donors that will enable them to directly transfer the educational aids / scholarships / donations to the most deserving student (s). Periodically an analysis report will be generated on website comprising student profile, historical track records, unique identification code, categorization of scholarship and current education and social status / growth, school / teachers / parents report and IG recommendations etc.