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  • IG is a bridge between donors and students. IG does not take any donations / charges

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Primary objective is to enable poor/BPL citizens to avail all kinds of financial aids provided by Central and State Governments.
Create Awareness about the Govt. educational scholarships / schemes
Reach beneficiaries through Schools
Assist beneficiaries in obtaining essential documents
Enable beneficiaries to avail all kinds of Fin. aids from Govt. / NGOS).
Follow-up with the Govt. officials, develop, maintain & share database
What is Charity Navigator?
Use computer & electronic communication facilities, search / surf on internet different financial aids / charities / donations / scholarships offered by different charity organizations including GOVT., NGOS / CORPORATE etc.
Perform online Documentation process thru e-SEVA/other services as and when required.
Assist beneficiaries in processing online applications.

It is need of hour to understand what Gandhiji said... "The Real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused." Hence, start to use the provisions of the Right to Information Act.

Shahid Bhagat Singh told his mother before two days to be hanged...."I will have to come back in India because the people who will sit in the place of British will commit much more tyranny." The prediction of Bhagat Singh comes to be true to a large extent. Now with the help of "The Right to Information Act" we can only survive democracy by resisting bureaucrats when abused.

The preamble of the Act, denotes "Democracy requires an informed citizenry and transparence of information which are vital to its functioning and also to contain corruption and to hold Government and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed."

1. Supreme Court SLP (Civil) No. 34868 of 2009 decided on 4/1/2010. It is directed by the SC that applicant is entitled to get copy of the opinions, advises, circulars, orders.
2. Supreme Court (AIR 2008 Punjab & Haryana 126 decided on 8/2/2008). The commission is empowered under subsection 2 of section 20 of the act to recommend disciplinary action against Public Information Officer even in simple delay.


U/s 1(4) : Subject to provision of Article 29 & 30 of the constitution (5) RTE does not apply to Madarsa & Edu. Institu. Primarily imparting religious instruction.

U/s 3(1) : Every child of 6 to 14 has Right to Free & Compulsory Edn. In a neighbourhood school.
(3) Spl. Provision for Disabled Child/Multiple disabilities/Sever Disabilities.

U/s 6 : Appropriate Govt. & Local Authority within 3 yrs from commencement of this Act, shall establish, in neighborhood, a school it not there.

U/s 8 : Compulsory Edn. Also means a comp. adm./attendence & completion of Elementary Edn.
* Child of Weaker Section & disadvantaged group should not be discriminated.
* Provide infrastructure (Sch. Building/teaching staff & learning equipment.)
* Good Quality Edn.
* Provide training facility for teachers.

U/s 10 : Duty of every parent or guardian to admit or cause to be admtd. Child to neighborhood school.

U/s 11 : Appropriate Govt. make necessary arrangement for providing free Pre-school Education & early childhood care.

U/s 12 : 25% admission for weaker & disadvantaged group to Pre-prim./Prim. & School.

U/s 13 : No capitation fee & screening procedure. Punishment to school, ten time of capitation fee & in case of screening 25000/- & 50000/- for each contravention.

U/s 14 : No child will be denied education for lack of Age Proof.

About Us

Iqra Gyan Education & Welfare Foundation is a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political organization,

primarily focus on 'Right to education'. IG advocates and assists poor students in availing educational aids, grants and scholarships provided by governments and non-governmental institutions.

IG is a group of educated youths, experienced professionals, businessmen and social workers who envisage the possibilities of utilizing vast social network coupled with the modern communication system to support poor and needy students and career enthusiast. Simply IG is a bridge between the resources and beneficiaries.

Scholarship Schemes

Government Scholarship available for Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, Maulana Azad for Girls, Merit-cum Means and DTE Scholarship (state govt. Scholarship)

IG Scholarship Achievements
  Scheme Name No. of Students Selected Amount Sanctioned (INR)
  State Govt. Schemes for 10th pass minority girls 88 26,40,000
  Central Govt. Scholarship of Maulana Azad Education Foundation 10th Pass Minority Girls 32 3,84,000
  State Govt. Finanacial Financial Educational Scheme Minority & non minority girls having pass std. 12th Kanya Vidyadhan 34 10,20,000
  State Govt. Laptop Schemes for Girls having pass 12th std. & continue the study. 34 8,50,000
  High school pass BPL card kanya Vidyadhan 44 13,20,000
  Merit cum means scholarship 6 1,63,000 11 2,32,550